Here you will find our current Discography streaming from Bandcamp. We now are also available on other streaming sites such as Spotify, AppleMusic, GooglePlay, Youtube and a whole load of more.


  • Tides - 2021 - CD, Cassette Tape, Digital, Vinyl (Cursed Monk Records)
  • Marking the Day - 2017 - CD, Digital (Self Release)
  • The Great Dying Split Single with Tome - 2015 - 12" Vinyl, Digital (Self Release)
  • Holy Giants - 2013 - CD, Cassette Tape, Digital (Self Release)
  • D.F.W.G. Demo - 2012 - CD, Digital (Self Release)

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Marking the Day (320k)

Holy Giants (320k)

Nomadic Ritual & Tome Split 2015 (320k)