Here is our current Discography streaming from our Bandcamp page. You can go there to download our music for any price you are willing to pay. We now are also available on other streaming sites such as Spotify, AppleMusic, GooglePlay, Youtube and a whole load of more.


  • Tides - *Release due 8th January 2021* - CD, Cassette Tape, Digital
  • Marking the Day - 2017 - CD, Digital
  • The Great Dying Split Single with Tome - 2015 - 12" Vinyl, Digital
  • Holy Giants - 2013 - CD, Cassette Tape, Digital
  • D.F.W.G. Demo - 2012 - CD, Digital

Stream from our Bandcamp:

We also encourage file sharing...

Marking the Day (320k)

Holy Giants (320k)

Nomadic Ritual & Tome Split 2015 (320k)