A Decade of Sonic Doom

Nomadic Rituals Turns 10

Over the last 10 years we have had the privilege to create, perform and record our music. Since July 2012 we have felt honoured that people have taken the time to listen to us, and are incredibly humbled when we hear your applause in return.

A huge bass wave of thanks to everyone who has got involved with us along the way. We have travelled to some great places and met so many great people. Thanks to all the listeners, fans, bands, labels, promoters, and sound engineers. You have all been amazing to us!

Our first practice space was in the Westlink Enterprise Center. Our first gig was put on by Christopher Owens at Auntie Annies in Belfast opening for Heartless, Gacys Threads and Scimitar. Our first studio album was Holy Giants and it was recorded at Start Together Studio by Niall Doran (and has done ever since). Our first vinyl release was our DIY split single with TOME and our track was called The Great Dying. Our first label release was our last album Tides through Rodger Mortis at Cursed Monk Records.

Now that we are 10 years on, we are still producing new music that we hope to share again with you soon in the shape of a 4th album.

Thanks and keep listening!


Album cover artwork for Nomadic Rituals album Tides

Album cover artwork for Nomadic Rituals album Tides